Tools and Methods from Haufe

Increase your project’s chances of success

Increase your project’s chances of success with the right tools and the appropriate methods

We know that projects can only be successful if you take on the underlying issues, and if everyone involved shares a vision, focuses on the same goals, and stays committed to success. That’s why we have developed a variety of methods to increase your projects’ chances of success.

We use creative and innovative techniques like design thinking, adapt them to your company projects, and make sure that they are also usable for HR and for all other project contributors.


Mit unserem einzigartigen Angebot gestalten wir gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden die Arbeitswelt von morgen.


We put the following tools and methods to work for you:

Understand the
status quo

Haufe Quadranten Workshop
Learn more

pain points 

Haufe Eigenland

Develop visions and increase commitment


Recognize interaction
in processes

Haufe Metro Map

Analysis and focus on the right strategies

Haufe Success Score

What do we do differently?

  • Modern tools instead of conventional consulting
  • Engaging formats instead of piecemeal integration
  • Leveraging intuition and knowledge based on experience instead of purely numbers-based approaches
  • Sustainable success instead of theoretical papers
  • Direct implementation in your project instead of new vendor briefing

What our customers say

„I never would have expected that Haufe’s methods would bring us so many new insights and solutions so quickly!“

Ralf Berns
Leiter Prozessmanagement und Fachredaktion Personal (HZP)
Case Study
Deutsche Bahn

„Haufe’s intuitive methods are so addictive that I constantly find myself adapting them to new aspects of my job.“

Ingrid Heim
myJOB Project Manager

„Having a finished prototype in hand after just two days was definitely pretty impressive.“

Ralf Berns
Leiter Prozessmanagement und Fachredaktion Personal (HZP)
Case Study
Deutsche Bahn